DYU product representative program

Come and Be a DYU Representative!

If you own a DYU e-bike, join us and become a DYU product representative! You just need to provide your address and phone number and allow DYU potential riders to test your bike!

Allowing new customers to contact and test your model, as a reward, DYU representatives will get rewards once a customer buys an e-bike with their coupon codes or referral links. Also, you will have a chance to experience our new model!

We will list your info on your website to allow our potential riders to contact you.
What you get?
1. You will receive DYU merch.
2. You will receive a reward of the same value as the coupon if a test rider uses your recommended coupon to purchase a product.
3. You are likely to receive our new model as deep cooperation.
How to participate?
Click Register to enter the registration page, then submit your application. We will contact you within 3 business days.