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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 Ebike Best Buy Guide

by DYU cycle 21 Oct 2022

Black Friday 2022 is coming. As is Cyber Monday. The first e-bike riding deals are already hitting the shelves and DYU BIKE is releasing the best Black Friday deals since 2022 to help you save money and upgrade your gear.


If you think cycling is an expensive hobby and e-bikes are out of your reach, you're probably shopping at all the wrong times. Black Friday Sale is usually the perfect time to buy a new e-bike, upgrade your gear, buy new cycling gear and get ready for the upcoming season.


Over the next month we'll be listing the best deals and listing all the deals worth your time and money on this page, so stay tuned if you're planning on doing some shopping and saving.

When is Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022?


This year, Black Friday is officially scheduled for Friday, November 26, the last Friday of the month and the first day after Thanksgiving.


What can you expect on Black Friday 2021?

In short, you can expect to save money. Sure, you'll spend money, but if these are all things you've planned to buy, then it's certainly better to buy them now with a discount than to wait until the cycling season starts and then pay full price.

Black Friday deals usually include all types of products, from new DYU e-bikes, to e-bike gadgets, to small items and accessories. As electric bikes can be quite expensive, now is a good time to buy one.

So if you buy bike related items in bulk around Black Friday and plan for the rest of the year, you can save a lot of money.

DYU Mini E Bike Recommendation

The Mini E Bike is perfect for city dwellers who don't have much space to store their larger bikes. It's also perfect for anyone who wants to ride longer distances without exhausting themselves. E-bikes tend to be more expensive than traditional bikes, but are definitely worth the investment.

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D3F 14 Inch Mini Bike Folding Electric Ebike


DYU torque sensor Electric Bike Recommendation

The DYU R1 e-bike is a commuter-style e-bike that combines two rarely seen features: a torque sensor and an affordable price tag.

As we have discussed in the past, the torque sensor is a more elegant way to initiate pedal assist on an electric bike.

Instead of activating power when the bike sees the pedals move, which is how a simple pedal sensor works, the torque sensor allows the bike to calculate the necessary power based on how hard the rider is pedaling.

This is a more comfortable and efficient way to apply pedal assist on electric bikes, but it is typically found on more expensive models.

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R1 20 Inch Pedal-Assist Torque Sensor E-Bike


DYU Folding electric bikes Recommendation

E-bikes are perfect for urban cycling, taking the sweat out of commuter errands, and foldable e-bikes are even better. No more worrying about finding space for your bike at home, on the bus or in the office - just fold it up and tuck it neatly out of the way.

Folding e-bikes are usually heavier than non-folding bikes because of the need for a sturdy frame and tough joints, but even so, the problems are becoming fewer. Among DYU's new 2022 bike releases, the DYU A1F, the highest rated e-bike, weighs just 47 lb/21.2 kg, making it easy to lift onto a train or up a flight of stairs.

Don't be put off by the price either - folding e-bikes are also cheaper than you might think. They're still a pretty big investment, but the price is only a little higher than non-folding models of similar size. We've posted the cheapest folding e-bikes to date.

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A1F 16-Inch Full Folding Electric City Bike

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