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  • 250W motor, 36V 10AH battery. Maximum range up to 60KM.

  • Cruise mode. The throttle maintains speed for 8 seconds to enter cruise mode.

  • Quick folding. Can be carried on the subway, placed in the car trunk, etc.

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  • 250W motor, 36V 12.5AH battery, with a maximum range of 60KM.

  • Detachable battery for enhanced safety and portability.

  • Suspension front fork and seat shock absorption for a more comfortable ride.

  • 250W motor, 36V 10AH battery. Longest range up to 55KM.

  • Magnesium alloy frame, Torque sensor,Removable battery.

  • Riding safety. Shimano, front and rear disc brakes.

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DYU A5 14 Inch Full Foldable Electric BikeA5 14 Inch Full Folding City Electric Bike-white
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DYU C3 14 Inch Folding EbikeDYU C3 14 Inch Folding Ebike
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DYU C2 16 Inch Full Folding Electric BikeDYU C2 16 Inch Full Folding Electric Bike
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DYU King 750 26 Inch Fat Tire Electric BikeDYU King 750 26 Inch 48V 750W 45KM/H Mountain Electric Bike, e bike deals, electric minibikes for adults
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DYU A1F 16 Inch Full Folding Electric BikeDYU A1F 16 Inch Full Folding Electric Bike
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DYU Brake D3+
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DYU 36V Charger
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DYU  Battery Charging Cable
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DYU E-Bike Twist Throttle Speed Handlerbar with LCD V1
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DYU Outer&iner Tire D3+/D3F
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DYU Motor 14 inch D3+/D3F
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DYU Headlight
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DYU, is a brand under DYU Netherlands B.V. , DYU’s parent has sold over 1,000,000 smart eBikes to the world. Riders in more than 60 countries have been enjoying the DYU riding experience!

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