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DYU D3F Micro Mobility eBike - Amazingly Good & Compact - Full Review

by J.Jesse 11 Mar 2023

The Ennovation review of the DYU D3F electric bike begins by discussing the bike's physical features, such as its lightweight, compact size, and vibrant orange color. The review then covers the bike's specifications, including its 250-watt motor, 36-volt battery, and maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. The bike's range is estimated to be around 30 miles on a single charge.


The reviewer also discusses the bike's geometry and suggests that it is suitable for riders between 5 feet and 6 feet tall. They note that the bike is not designed for compact spaces and is best suited for use in a garage or larger vehicle. The bike's small tires and lack of suspension make it best for riding on smooth surfaces, such as bike trails, streets, and concrete sidewalks.

The review includes a demonstration of the bike's performance in the rain, including its simple, budget-friendly design with minimal readouts, a power button, a twist throttle, and fairly bright lights. The reviewer also demonstrates the bike's braking system, which they note is one of the best parts of the bike.

Finally, the reviewer concludes that the DYU D3F is a good budget option for those in the market for an electric bike, as long as it meets their specific use case. They suggest that buyers consider looking for used bikes in their local area, as they may be able to find higher-end models for a similar price. Overall, the review provides an informative and engaging overview of the DYU D3F electric bike, helpful for those considering purchasing this bike or a similar model.

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